Meet the Team

Current Teachers

Noah Rubin

Founder, CEO, and Instructor

My name is Noah Rubin, and I am in the class of 2021 at the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School at Donna Klein Jewish Academy in Boca Raton, Florida. I have a passion for engineering, computer science, and community service. In 2016, I started canCode as a way to share my passion for computer programming.

I started canCode when I saw the gap in most traditional elementary schools - no computer programming logic introduction or instruction. That’s where canCode comes in! Through canCode workshops, I can share my passion and inspire kids! Read my extended bio here.

Harys Dalvi

Webmaster and Instructor

My name is Harys Dalvi and I am a student at American Heritage Boca Delray graduating 2021. When I was six years old, I was introduced to Scratch programming. At first, I was very confused. Although I had all the coding blocks in front of me, I didn’t understand what code was! I learned slowly because I didn’t have a teacher. I want to change that.

Today, as a high schooler, I can program in Python, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Using skills learned in Scratch, I have developed many video games and even this website! I am passionate about teaching coding so students can contribute to our increasingly computer-oriented world. Read my extended bio here.

Alex Mark

Webmaster and Instructor

My name is Alex Mark and I am a student at American Heritage High School graduating 2021. I have a strong passion for programming that pushes me to constantly learn new things. However, I wasn’t always this way.

Before middle school, I had not even heard of programming, much less had an interest in it. I feel that if I had been exposed at an earlier age, I could have accomplished much more than I did. I want to give kids the chance to do things that other people don’t start until college.

Alex Gaynor


My name is Alex Gaynor and I am a student at Spanish River High School graduating in 2021. I first learned coding in elementary school in a very basic program. Then, in 6th grade, my keyboarding teacher showed us a basic coding game; I had so much fun with it and this sparked my interest. My largest passions are in math, engineering, and computer science. Read my extended bio here.

My main goal in life is giving everyone the same opportunity and canCode is all about this. Every child through canCode is given the opportunity to experience coding as I did. It's so powerful watching the children have so much fun doing what you are passionate about and did as a kid.

Nash Zheng


My name is Nash Zheng and I am in the class of 2020 at Spanish River High School. I was first introduced to computer programming sometime in middle school. I remember learning how to use Scratch and the joy that came with making my sprite move around on the screen. Learning Scratch taught me to think critically about organization and logic and helped me to explore other languages such as Java, JavaScript, and Python.

Through canCode, I want to help other kids experience the fun and excitement around coding as early as possible. My goal is to inspire them to explore coding as they get older and to hopefully, discover a passion for it. Read my extended bio here.

Ethan Baker


Ethan Is a passionate 10th grader who loves teaching and technology. During his 9th grade year attending Olympic Heights High School he became aware of canCode and was immediately drawn to the program because of its combination of both his passions. Additionally, Ethan is a member of FIRST Robotics Team 3932 (The Dirty Mechanics) and heads up the IT team, leads the Data Recon Team and has been offered the opportunity of lead technician of the drive team. In his free time he engineers new worlds and develops automation within Minecraft. Read his extended bio here.

Gabby Davis


My name is Gabriella Davis, and I’m a student at Olympic Heights graduating class of 2022! My relationship with programming had a rocky start but after a while I’ve grown to truly appreciate the subject and really enjoy teaching it as well. Today, I’m an active member of the FRC community for two years and this helps me with teaching too! Along with robotics I also actively participate in debate competitions every month and have achieved high placements before. In the future, I’m looking forward to potential careers in engineering or law, and I hope to encourage kids to pursue their interests in whatever they choose!

Adi Kumar


My passion in life is computer science. I love programming and know how to program in Java and Python. I am experienced in applying my programming skills with Raspberry Pi, Robotics, Arduino, and Android Studio. With Android Studio, I have made a unique planner app that is currently on the Google Play Store called Plan4Success. You can check it out with this Google Play Store link.

Akhil Deo


My name is Akhil Deo and I am a part of the class of 2021 at North Broward Preparatory School. I am also an IB Diploma candidate. In fifth grade, I started learning how to code in Scratch. I didn’t realize what everything meant or how it all worked, but I was able to figure it out and coding is now my greatest passion. Now, I know Java, Python, HTML and CSS.

When I learned about Cancode, I was eager to become an instructor. I want everyone to have the opportunity to learn Scratch just like I did. I believe that coding is such an essential skill in this day and age and everyone should learn how to code. Outside of school and cancode, I am the captain of my school’s cybersecurity team, the vice president of the computer science club and the secretary of the engineering club. I am also a member of FIRST Robotics Competition team 5410 and FIRST Tech Challenge team 9986.

Asher Moffitt


I’m in tenth grade and am enrolled at G-star school of the arts. I love learning new skills relating to technology, art, music, and code, and I also love teaching and working with scratch. I have been working with scratch for over 6 years and I also was a junior counselor in a scratch class at Digi-Camp over the summer last year. I’m part of the FIRST Robotics Team 3932 (The Dirty Mechanics) and am in charge of the art and design team.

In my free time I make music, code games with different game engines like Unity, mess around with different projects on scratch, use different modeling and animation tools like Maya to make projects and play with my friends on Minecraft on a server I made and oversee. I’m excited to be part of canCode and can’t wait for the next opportunity to teach scratch.

Keanu Brayman


My name is Keanu Brayman. I am a 10th grade Home-School student. I have always had an interest in technology and programming. Ever since learning the basics of Scratch when I was eight, I have been working with different programming languages and developing digital projects. Some of my interests include 3D design and animation, robotics, and astrophysics. In addition, I am a member of FIRST Robotics Team 3932, The Dirty Mechanics.

I really love being able to teach kids about coding, giving them skills that will be invaluable in their futures. Learning about programming at an early age is an amazing opportunity that everyone should have. I always look forward to teaching at canCode!

Chris Coella


My name is Chris Colella and I am a student at Saint John Paul II Academy graduating in 2023. I’ve always enjoyed anything that had to do with computers, and my passion was further explored when I was introduced to scratch in elementary school. This interest led me to explore programs like C++, Java, and mostly Python.

By teaching at CanCode, I am able to share this passion with other kids, and hopefully have at least one of them look into a career having to do with coding.

Luca Qumsieh


My name is Luca Qumsieh and I am a student at Saint Andrew’s school graduating 2023. My first experience with programming was in the 6th grade when my science teacher introduced me to JavaScript through Khan Academy. When I was taught the basics I wanted more, so I finished the entirety of JavaScript at Khan academy in the following weeks. After that I learnt Python and now I am starting HTML and CSS. I am currently part of the FTC team at Saint Andrew’s. My main passions are engineering, programming, physics, math, and history.

What I want to achieve in life is everyone to be educated, especially in programming. Through canCode, I can do this because it gives all kids an opportunity to learn to program. Because they get this opportunity, I hope they get a passion for programming, and someday become a programmer in whichever field they choose.


Are you interested in helping?

We are looking for new teachers to help us on our mission. We need people in 8th grade and up who are passionate about computer programming, and specifically about teaching children how to code. Would you like to sign up? If so, please visit the contribute page.

Past Teachers

Jacob Abramchaev


My name is Jacob Abramchaev, and I am in the class of 2022 at the Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School at Donna Klein Jewish Academy. I was first introduced to the Python programming language through a CodeAcademy course. After finishing the course along with all the projects I just wanted to do more. I built a web app, and when I got an iPhone I was inspired to learn Xcode.

Through canCode, my goal is to introduce younger children to the wonders of Computer Programming and to inspire them to do more.

Yakov Wahnich

Past Social Media Manager and Instructor

Hi! My name is Yakov Wahnich and I am a high schooler at Donna Klein Jewish Academy in Boca Raton, graduating in 2021. I was first introduced to Scratch through a basic programming class it took during elementary school. I loved the program, thought it was fun, and always wanted to learn how to do more with it. This sparked an interest in me to pursue coding and engineering, which has turned into my passion! Every child should have that opportunity, just as I did.

Through canCode, your child will have a blast learning how to program. Scratch is a great foundation for your child if they find coding interesting and have the desire to continue doing it down the road. At canCode, we create a fun and safe learning environment for your child and simplify learning materials so every child can easily understand and absorb each lesson. We hope to see you here soon!