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canCode is a group of high school students in Palm Beach County, Florida, committed to teaching elementary school students computer programming through engaging workshops. These workshops are run by passionate, relatable teenagers. We teach using Scratch, a free, interactive, and online coding environment developed by MIT. We make coding fun and everyone involved loves what we do! Just look at the pictures!

Why is learning to code important?
Computers already influence almost every area of our lives, from cars to smartphones to video games. Knowing how to code lets you give the instructions that computers need for all these technologies and so much more. An early introduction to computer science through canCode gives students problem-solving skills and prepares them for the careers of the future.


canCode’s Mission is to spark an interest for computer programming in young minds across Palm Beach County.

Our Impact


students completed the 3-hour maze game workshop


teenage teachers


workshop sessions


community service hours earned


students completed the card workshop


youth centers with canCode workshops


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Student Spotlight— Adam!

Try out a game made by Adam M, a 4th Grader. Made in canCode's Maze Game Workshop at the Youth Activity Center in 2018. Also visit our games page to play this and other games made by students.

YAC Workshops

Youth Activity Center Boca Raton Photos Youth Activity Center Boca Raton Photos

The Youth Acitivity Center of Boca Raton has been the partner location of canCode workshops since 2016! Ever since Noah's first workshop at YAC, the director, students, and parents have been so supportive. Ellen Vahab, the director, is always open to new ideas and programs. Because of this, Noah was able to start canCode!

The kids at the Youth Activity Center have become family to canCode's team of teachers. They are eager to attend workshops and love seeing us walk into their site. Even the young ones know about the canCode video games! It is so rewarding to teach and inspire the Youth Activity Center kids.

Youth Activity Center Boca Raton Image Youth Activity Center Boca Raton Image

Florence Fuller Workshops

Florence Fuller West Workshops

Since canCode recieved funding from the Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank in early 2018, we have expanded to new sites. The first of these sites was Florence Fuller West. The program director, Ms. Guerrise, and the volunteer coordinater, Ms. Robinson, invited the canCode program with open arms. When they heard how much the kids loved canCode, how much they learned, how passionate the teachers were, and that it was absolutely FREE, they were in. Since we started at their center, the kids have loved the canCode program and the staff has been very accommodating.

Florence Fuller West Image Florence Fuller West Image

Florence Fuller East Workshops

Once a few more teachers were trained, the 3rd center that we expanded to was Florence Fuller East. The staff had already heard about canCode and was so excited for us to start our workshops.

Florence Fuller East Image Florence Fuller East Image

Achievement Center

We started at the Achievement Center over the summer of 2019 with their summer camp. Noah, Adi, Nik, and Gaby introduced the kids to coding and taught for two weeks. It went so well that we decided to continue teaching there during the school year! Harys and Alex are currently teaching workshops at the Achievement Center.

Pearl CATS

canCode expanded to start teaching at Dixie Manor’s community center after schools in the fall of 2019. Their after school program had just lost their robotics coach and their robotics team had mostly graduated, so the elementary schoolers, especially, were not getting any STEM introduction—until canCode came in! New teachers Chris and Luca were trained there and now teach there.

Naoma Donnelley Haggin Boys and Girls Club

Delray Beach Winter Camp

As a start to the 2019 year, canCode had its first ever winter camp! Noah, Alex, and Harys trained 5 new teachers, and 12 students completed the maze game curriculum. The staff was so helpful in making sure everything would run smoothly. This winter camp let us impact and inspire so many elementary school students in such a short amount of time; in addition, it expedited the training process for 5 new teachers who joined the team! Read their bios on the team page.


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